Project #: ITB 3996 (ITB)
Issued by: Oregon Metro
Bids Due Date: Feb 18, 2022 2:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) add to calendar
Status: closed
Posted: Jan 28, 2022


Metro is interested in contracting with a single firm to provide vehicle counts at specified site locations following the pre-set requirements and delivered in Metro-defined formats as described in the solicitation.

Metro maintains a computer-represented transportation model that is vital for planning and research in the Metro region. It is imperative that real world traffic volumes are captured at specified locations to assist with the validation and accuracy of a travel demand forecasting model. This traffic count data is a representation of traffic volumes at certain locations along various different cutlines, which are either artificial or physical barrier lines that represent major traffic flows along a selected axis. There are approximately 400 geographic locations for which traffic count data is desired where the cutlines intercept major traffic flows. These data are needed to compare to and validate with computer model output. 


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Interested Parties

Interested Parties

These are the vendors who have expressed interest in this solicitation:

Business When
MKO Consulting LLC Jan 28, 2022
Oregon Transmission and Diesel Center Inc. Feb 10, 2022
Quality Counts, LLC Jan 28, 2022
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce Jan 28, 2022
StreetLight Data, Inc. Jan 31, 2022

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Traffic Consulting
Traffic Counting Devices, Maintenance And Repair
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