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We're Equity Hub, makers of e-procurement software, including the Bid Locker online submission suite.

About Bid Locker

Although nearly every government agency already posts their solicitations online, many don't have a way to accept bid submissions electronically as well. Bid Locker gives these agencies a simple, straightforward tool to let their vendors submit bids online.

Vendors can set up one Bid Locker profile, and share it to every agency they'd like to do business with. This saves vendors time from having to fill out their profile multiple times, and reduces the chance of making mistakes or typos in their profile.

Submitting bids is just as easy — it takes vendors just a few minutes to upload their documents and confirm their bid submission.

Agencies can accept bid submissions quickly and easily, too. It takes moments to set up new solicitations for vendor bid submission, and when the listing closes, agencies can access all of the submitted bids through a convenient bid review dashboard.

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